9 qualities of successful work environments to inspire motivation

Summer is officially over and school has started again. Children all across the U.S. are excited to be back in class with their friends and eager to spend another year learning in the classroom. Wish your office had this same energy and excitement? Are your employees still in the laid-back summer mindset? Feeling a funk…

Are communication breakdowns breaking down your business?

Good communication in the workplace can help us accomplish goals, work better with our colleagues, and generate business. On the other hand, poor communication can affect individuals, teams and organizations as a whole, as well as fundamentally disrupt business.

7 top management challenges and how to tackle them like a pro

Being a manager comes with an array of benefits, but those are also coupled with a long list of responsibilities including dealing with tough challenges and issues. Here are 7 top challenges managers often face, as well as tips for tackling them like a pro.

The secret to growing your employees and business comes down to competence

Most high-performing organizations would agree that their success depends on the capabilities of their employees. However, formal education doesn’t always provide employees with the right skills needed to succeed in the workplace. Developing your employees’ skills through appropriate training can contribute to success and organizational growth, but you might wonder what those specific skills are…

The Sawgrass Group is looking for an intern!

We are seeking a summer intern to work on market research analysis project to begin ASAP. Responsibilities include collecting and analyzing data related to target markets and related demographics, needs, preferences, etc. and informing lead generation and conversion efforts. Work to be completed remotely, with regular communication and collaboration with marketing manager and sales representative….

The dos & don’ts for managing your former peers

Managing your former peers can present challenges, but making the smooth transition from peer to supervisor is possible. Make things easier for yourself and your team with these dos and don’ts.